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We specialize in quality 24 karat gold plating for your vehicle. Our process of plating safely and permanently electroplates chrome emblems with 24K Gold. There is no need to remove the emblems from the car. This process is done with no harm to the vehicles paint or plastic surfaces.


At Auto Art, LLC. we can turn almost any factory-chromed emblem gold. We have perfected the art of electroplating with the purest 24-karat gold, giving your emblem a golden luster that will draw attention to any car.


What is electroplating?

Electroplating is a method of coating one metal with another using electrical current to draw soluble metal such as gold or silver out of a chemical solution and electrochemically bonding it to another metal. What can be gold plated on my vehicle? Almost any metal except aluminum can be brush plated with satisfactory results. Plastic car emblems that have been chrome plated by your cars manufacturer can also be gold plated. Beware of companies that claim you can plate aluminum; its not the complete truth.


How long will the gold last? With proper care, the gold will last for the life of a chrome emblem.   How do I take care of my gold emblems? Clean your gold emblems with soap and water. Never use abrasive car waxes or polishes.

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